Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Looking For Help!

Want to Work on Project Jayden aka Chase the Fish!

well I'm looking for a couple of extra hands
If you can 2D animate, 3D animate, do motion graphics, light, composite, model, texture or have any other skill I would like your help on creating Jayden.

if interested, contact me at: whosTonyRamos@gmail.com

The first kickoff/ interest meeting will be Saturday April 16 at 1pm in room 310 in Mongomery hall (backup room 311).

Hope to see you there!

What Pretty Eyes you Have!

So my friend Nha found this pretty cool tutorial about eye shaders and specular.
I'm such a sucker for tutorials and extra bits of knowledge, that I had to try it out.


So let's take a look at an animated character's eye.
There is light playing on the iris, creating highlights and shadows.
Also lot of animated characters have a bright white highlight, which makes the character appear friendly.
So I want to create something similar!

My Before
a bit dead and boring

 Lets throw is a ramp shader with a Color Input set to "Normalized Brightness"
onto the Iris. Light instantly reflects off of the iris.

 Now lets add a projection of a image of a white dot as the Incandescence of the outer layer of the eyeball.
Using a image with allow us to control the position of the speculator dot, the softness of the dot, and the brightness.

I then began to notice the reflection was way too uniform and looked nothing like an eye should, even styled

so I added a ramped shader as a masking to the shader that controls the light reflection to create stripes of highlights

looks good after a couple more tweaks

Will soon post the rig demo for Jayden and the cool face GUI that controls the expressions and eye speculator ability. 


There will both hair and cloth maya dynamics in the film Jayden.

Jayden's hair is solid geometry skinned to joint chains. the the joint chains is driven by a IK spline but instead of a normal curve I replace it with a curve being influenced by maya hair dynamics. This makes the joint chains just as dynamic which results in the hair behaving as it is.

The hair is not only dynamic but also has a fk setup where handle can directly mold the position of the hair. This is achieved by having 3 joint chains: one dynamic, one fk, and the last is the binded chain. What I did was orient constraint the FK and Dynamic to the bind and created a switch to turn the weight from one or the other off or on. with this switch I can also control how dynamic or static the hair with be from a scale of 1-10.

the same Hair Dynamics were applied to the body and small fins of Betta.

The large tail at the end is controlled with cloth simulation which will be explained later.

Progress Renders (Jayden, Betta)

Betta has some color!
coming soon is the test video of the dynamic animation movement of Betta

Jayden has color added too. 
and her demoing her hair dynamics and cloth will be coming soon!

Poster uno

Meet the Chalk Fish on the early recruiting poster

The Villa and N.Mare

First off, Special thanks to my good friend Mark Jenkins who did the UVs layout for the Villa, Jayden, Betta, and N.Mare

The Coastal Villa
still working with the lighting and textures

The N.Mare Fish
A lurking predictor of the night sky. They lurk in the clouds waiting for wondering prey to float on by.

Storyboard Anamatic

The Anamatic is ready, sorry about the hard to see-ness
the compression makes the video hard to see