Tuesday, April 12, 2011


There will both hair and cloth maya dynamics in the film Jayden.

Jayden's hair is solid geometry skinned to joint chains. the the joint chains is driven by a IK spline but instead of a normal curve I replace it with a curve being influenced by maya hair dynamics. This makes the joint chains just as dynamic which results in the hair behaving as it is.

The hair is not only dynamic but also has a fk setup where handle can directly mold the position of the hair. This is achieved by having 3 joint chains: one dynamic, one fk, and the last is the binded chain. What I did was orient constraint the FK and Dynamic to the bind and created a switch to turn the weight from one or the other off or on. with this switch I can also control how dynamic or static the hair with be from a scale of 1-10.

the same Hair Dynamics were applied to the body and small fins of Betta.

The large tail at the end is controlled with cloth simulation which will be explained later.

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